Earning Bitcoins for Beginners

Earning Bitcoins for Beginners

Recently Bitcoin has gained great recognition from press thanks to its’ exponential price growth. Currently, people from all around the world have started using this digital currency, mostly looking to strike-it rich, or to simply take advantage-of its’ many unique features.

Scrape Bitcoin Faucets

The Bitcoin faucets have really played a key role in Bitcoin’s history. Faucets are basically websites which automatically-dispense free BTC to users who enter their Bitcoin address. This is actually an ideal way for all newbies to get a small-amount of free BTC. There are several different faucet sites, and each of them has its very own unique features. Say for example, there are some sites which require the players or users to complete a certain simple game, rather than solving the same old boring “Captcha”. There are also a number-of Bitcoin casino websites which give out coins to users and players These coins may be used when betting on dice rolls or on sports events. You can potentially earn much more from these websites, as compared to the regular faucets.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a process of generating some Bitcoins by solving computationally difficult problems. It can also serve the purpose-of confirming certain transactions, which usually secure the network. In a layman’s terms, it simply means you may use the computer to crunch the numbers and get to earn BTC as rewards. The Bitcoin mining process is actually quite harder than it really sounds. In the year 2009, when virtual currency was 1st released, you could’ve been able to easily mine 100’s of BTC with a regular computer. However, today, miners usually employ some specialized devices in order for them to earn the 25-BTC block reward. As a matter of fact, the Bitcoin-network is about 256 times much faster than world’s top 500 super-computers combined.

Who Can Take Part in Bitcoin Gold Rush

It is possible for anyone to take part-in Bitcoin’s gold rush. You can simply join a mine pool and start working with other miners, & then get to split the reward(s) based on the amount of computational-work you have done. USB powered mining hardware like the ASIC-Miner Block Erupter is readily available, and it is quite affordable to average Bitcoin players or users. Though there’s the possibility that you may not make back the entire amount of money that you spent on buying the hardware, you’ll still get to learn just how Bitcoin works, & you will also earn some extra cash along the way.

Selling Goods & Services

You can get to earn Bitcoins by selling useful services and items to the community instead of just purchasing the Bitcoins on exchanges. If you want to sell an item or service, you should consider/opt accepting Bitcoins, rather than simply listing your item on eBay. There are even a number of Subway-shops who now accept Bitcoins as payment.

One of the major features of Bitcoins is that they allow you to receive and send money from almost anywhere in the whole world, meaning that you can make cash by offering useful services and selling items to international customers and consumers. If you have a certain skill like graphics design or programming, you can earn a good amount-of Bitcoin by doing freelance work.

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