How We Rank

The Bitcoin Wallet world is one that entails a number of factors. These factors determine the overall reputation from clients and the Bitcoin network. There are several companies that offer Bitcoin wallet options. Some of them are preferred due to the services while others are just preferred because they are trusted by many. A new rating method has been introduced to help to place the companies to scale in the most open way. Mostly, some companies pay up the ranking sites in order for them to be placed at the top, for the sake of attracting more clients. This limits the clients from getting the real and honest appraisal of the top companies. Other websites that do the ranking are like partners, who favor their associate sites and for that, incongruity is likely to occur.

Among the many Bitcoin Wallet available, here is a strategy on how we rank these sites in an open way, with keenness in order to come up with a genuine list. Some of the things we consider include the following;

Experience of The Company: 10% of the General Score

The amount of knowledge on the Bitcoin is relevant for a given company. The way a company carry out its practices is what is put into consideration. However, the experience does not signify the number of clients that a given company has. Also, the experience in this section does not look into the number of years that you have been in the industry. There are several companies that have persuasive sales persons, who can easily lure clients. On the other hand, a company could have been in existence for so many years, but does not know how to handle its clients and how to exploit the Bitcoin features.

Results: 15% of the Overall Score

The results or rater feedback, is a very vital aspect of a Bitcoin Wallet. The results are considered in terms of the type of programs the company has, the skills in accomplishing certain tasks, customer reviews and assessments from other Bitcoin companies. Customers usually need a company that delivers perfect results. We have ensured that the given company is scrutinized well and the results rating given accordingly. Apparently, every company will claim that they have rapid results, for that, you will need to be careful enough.

Categories of Programs Offered: 5 % of the Overall Score

Every Bitcoin Wallet offers different types of Bitcoin programs, which will be dependant in the report of a certain client. That will be in relation to the Bitcoin performance of the given customer. The available programs can provide a long lasting result and mostly, they are used by the clients due to the convenience. An ideal Bitcoin Wallet should be able to deliver the tutoring of your Bitcoin in order to fix your Bitcoin earns and maintain a good report for a long time.

Warranties: 15% of the General Score

Everyone wants a warranty form a company, when they are buying certain products. A Bitcoin Wallet should be able to give a reliable warranty to its clients and by this, it will be promoting its guarantee. There are some companies that do not provide warranties to its clients, which can be unfavorable to them. The warranty score will be rated at 15 percent of the overall score of that company, which is a clean way of rating it.

Pricing: 10% of The Overal Score

The rates quoted by a given company will matter most to the clients. Clients do not only need an efficient company, rather, they need one that is affordable enough. Though some claim to deliver what they charge to the clients, they end up charging excess but delivering poor quality. Mostly, an affordable price will come within a customer’s budget. Most of the cheap companies reduce the processes involved and they offer less service delivery. All in all, we will rate the company’s pricing according to 10% of the general score.

Reputation: 15% of the General Score

Every company fight to have a good reputation in the general customer base. It is very important to have a good reputation. We will rate companies in terms of the type of complaints that a company receives from clients, their presence in the market, complaints and how long the company takes to resolve the given complaint. Generally, a company will have both positive and negative reviews from its clients. However, the negative reviews should not outweigh the positive review, through these reviews, we will be able to rate a company. One should consider a company’s online reputation before engaging in them.

The Program Time: 5% of the Overall Score

Most of the Bitcoin Wallet companies will provide ideal results when you start with the program involved. The timing needs to be short enough, in order to avoid time wasting and other related aspects. You should choose a company that has relevant and reliable timing of their programs, which is a great factor that will ensure efficient delivery.

Association With Relevant Authoritative Bodies: 5% of Overall Score

A reliable and genuine company should be a member of an association. For instance, the Bitcoin Wallet company should be a member of an association of the relevant location. That will ensure the clients of a reliable company that is recognized and there will be no risks of fraud in the network.

The Website’s Safety: 15% of the Overall Score

Everyone wants a safe website, especially one that deals with money. Since the Bitcoin Wallet information of a client will be fed online, there has to be an assurance of the safety of the clients. The information and money, stored in the Wallets need to be safe enough, without allowing hackers. The technological system used needs to be a precise on to enhance online safety.

General Observacne: 5% of the Overall Score

Conformity is an important factor in a given website. Apparently, too many websites fail to make a general observance of the state and or/central laws. The company must adhere to the laws of the relevant state or country that it is based in. Our system helps in rating that by converting it to 5% of the general score.