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Bitcoin Armory

Bitcoin Armory

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What is BitCoin Armory?

This is an open source wallet management website that is owned by Bitcoin. The platform was created with an aim of offering top security for Bitcoin investors. As it was designed for top security with regard to finances of the Bitcoin users, it sustains a high level usability and handiness. The platform is user friendly and it has many more sophisticated features. Above all, it is a free platform that is under the AGPL version 3 license. That ensures the users enjoy the free use of any derived program with an Armory source-code.


  • Wallet Manager
  • Generic Multi-signature Lockboxes
  • Developer Tools
  • Offline Wallet Interface
  • GPU-Resistant Wallet Encryption
  • Usermode Options

Wallet Management

Whichever Bitcoin need that you may have, Bitcoin Armory will help you meet it. You can also manage several wallets, whether you have an encryption or not. Using this platform, you can manage all your offline wallets for top security against online hackers. Other than maintaining security, you can import addresses that have been created with sweeps funds or VanityGen from Casascius physical Bitcoins. With this feature, you can switch between advanced and standard modes to ensure relevant options and content for your Bitcoin skill level.

This platform can manage as many wallets as possible. You can print permanent copies of your wallet form the wallets with fitted paper-backup print dialog. You can also export wallet transaction details in a .csv format.

Generic Multi-Signature Lockboxes

These Lockboxes are multi-signature transaction interface that lets you transact with a number of parties and devices. Using this feature, you can fund, spend or create from any signatures of a number of parties or devices. These signatures are required by the Bitcoin Armory in order to let money move in the lockbox. For example, a group of 4 company directors could store the funds of the company in a 2-of-4 lockbox. For that it will require at least 2 directors to agree with the money movement.

Developer Tools

There are methodically commented python code and C++ codes. Multiple lines of unit test code that verify nearly each sub-function of the whole library. There are also simple wallet files and the Developer user mode. This user mode lets developers have more tools for their personal development achievements.

GPU-Resistant Wallet Encryption

The encryption key of Bitcoin Armory is spawned through a script-established algorithm. This helps to do away with the GPU-acceleration in a brute-force passphrase estimation. There is a private key derivation, which is bound by time and memory with the aid of AES256 key encryption placed inside. The parameters of speed and memory are established by a system speed test.

The wallet-update logic ensures every atomic file operates perfectly. Regardless of the power failure speed, the wallet will be recovered automatically. It also helps to manage the uncommon, but possible HDD/RAM errors. The armory lockboxers are standard and versatile.

Offline Wallet Interface

The Lockboxes of Bitcoin Armory lets your devices to be in a cold storage’, literally, be offline. The offline wallets are among the top security features of the platform apart from multi-signature transactions. The platform ushers in the ability to use it to offer excellent security levels for the Bitcoin businesses or any other fan.

Usermode Options

You can decide to select a user mode of your choice. Whether a Developer, Standard or Advanced user mode. The type of mode you choose will determine the information level that you will receive. In the Standard User Mode, You will be able to access only the basic features. It has a limited set of features and it will give only the relevant information for a basic wallet transaction and management. The Advanced User Mode has added features that you can perform on your wallet. Then the expert mode is the supreme mode that features an executive set of functionalities.

Final Thought

With the advanced online technology, Bitcoin Armory is a genuine platform for managing your online wallets. The high security feature of cold storage and multi-signatures assures account holders of secured money. It also blocks online hackers from accessing your cold storage’ offline boxes. To top it all, the platform is an open-source, which implies that it is free to use and manage your wallets online and offline. Despite the few drawbacks that may exist, Bitcoin Armory remains one of the best today when compared to its competitors.

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