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What is cavirtex?

For Canadians who are looking for an online virtual currency trader, cavirtex is the first virtual site you can use, to trade, buy, and sell bitcoin, and other forms of online currency. The virtual site allows you to sell and purchase bitcoins, with Canadian dollars, make simple transfers, sales, and withdrawals on the site, all with minimal fees, and excellent security is in place, to ensure you are safe when you are working on the site, and performing online transactions in the virtual exchange market.

  • The first online virtual currency trader for Canadian customers.
  • Provides an easy to use platform, and allows you to make transactions in a matter of minutes.
  • Provides you an easy to use online wallet, for trading, purchase, and other online transactions.
  • Minimal fees for deposits and withdrawals as they are made on the site.

Online security

When you join cavirtex, online security is not something that you have to be concerned about. First off, security encryption is in place, via SSL and othero nline tactics, in an attempt to keep you safe on the web. Browser identification is required prior to being able to make a transaction, and you will also have to go through a two step verification process, in order to be able to make the trade, or to purchase any form of virtual currency on the site. Hourly backups are performed on the site as well, to guarantee your security, to keep your account safe, and to ensure there are no additional security breaches to your account, if anyone is trying to use your account to make a purchase or a sale of bitcoins and other online currencies that are on the site.

Deposit or withdraw

On most bitcoin sites, you can’t withdraw cash; the cavirtex site not only allows you to make deposits of funds, it allows you to withdraw funds from your account as well. You simply click on the deposit or the withdraw button at the top of the page, based on what you want to do when you are on your account page. From there, you input the amount you want to withdraw, and you will pay a minimum fee for the transaction to be processed through the online dashboard on your account page.

Limits for security

In terms of daily (weekly and monthly) deposits and withdrawals, there are also federal regulations in place to provide you additional security when you are on the cavirtex site. The limits are in place, which will restrict you as to how much you can take out from your account each day, and how many transactions you can perform on your dashboard.

Site features

In addition to the deposits, withdraws, and trades that you can make on the site, the cavirtex also has an open trade section, allowing you to perform additional transactions. New forms of currencies are going to be added to the account, which are intended to allow you to perform more trades, outside of the bitcoin market. Although there are fees in place for the transactions that you do make, the site allows for ease of maneuverability, it allows you to quickly and easily perform several transactions, and the site gives you access to all account information, directly from your online dashboard. If you are new to bitcoin trading, purchases, and transactions, the site is very easy to navigate, provides current rates, and provides you with all information that is relevant to the work you are going to be doing on the site.


If you are in the Canadian market, and in search of a great, trusted, and secure online virtual exchange site and e wallet, cavirtex is a site you may want to consider. In addition to deposits, you can withdraw from the site as well. You can make trade, buy, and sell. You have information right in front of you when you are performing any transaction on the site. Further, additional alternate coins and online currencies are being added, and the cavirtex team plans on expanding, in order to allow people who are not in the Canadian market, to be able to use the site, and perform a variety of exchanges, purchases, and trades on the site.

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