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Coinkite is a website that offers online wallet management. It is the most sophisticated web wallet system in the world. The system empowers customers and related merchants to store, accept, buy or sell Bitcoins along with other crypto currencies. Coinkite offers this feature both in the physical and online world. It is more related to online banking and debit cards. 


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Get Started

Before you can access the web wallets, you will be required to sign in the Coinkite platform. If you do not have an account, you will have to sign up. You will be required to enter your username, your email address and a password. After that, the system will process your sign up process, which will take time depending on your internet speed. 

Once you have your credentials accepted, you will need to start with your membership level. Here, you will choose the currency you wish to use, then select your desired level. A starter level costs you nothing, but as from the personal level, you will start paying as from $10.99 per month. The highest level is the Enterprise level, which is charged at $2775.26 per month. The starter membership will allow you a 14-day trial of an executive level. You will then choose a desired memorable image, which should be captivating enough. The last step is enabling Bitcoin links. This is to allow you to purchase any product or make payment via your Bitcoin links. 

Web Wallet

This web wallet will allow you to make balances, send or receive Bitcoins. You will also be able to view your account progress in terms of Bitcoin chequing, Bitcoin Savings and My Litecoins. Coinkite advices that you transfer your transactions or, buying from exchanges determined by your location. Alternatively, you can send your coins from other wallets into a generated code given on your page. 

Debit Cards

Coinkite allows you to have access to different debit cards across the network. They sell Bitcoin debit cards and they will ship some users free cards. However, to qualify for a free debit card, you must have a monthly or yearly paid account. If you don’t have a card but have an account, you will be required to update your mailing details. There are also linked cards that are featured by the website, though you will have to link them in order for them to be activated. Nevertheless, if you lack a Coinkite card, you can login on the terminal using your smart phone using the QR code. You will simply scan the QR code to be granted access, but the code must be used immediately or it will expire. 

In The News

These are featured headlines from around the world that are related to Coinkite. They have appeared among leading magazines and newspapers in the world. 

Terminal Locations

This is a map and a list of the countries that offer Bitcoins services. Specifically, where one can make their Coinkite transactions from different countries around the world. The included countries are America, Russian Federation, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, China, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea Republic, New Zealand and Jersey. There are locations that are included in every country to where you can make your Bitcoins transactions. 


The Coinkite blog incorporates multiple news on how to carry on a Bitcoin transaction. The blogs also feature some history on Coinkite. There are also a number of how –to posts, which assists you in whichever area that you are stuck. You will also get to know about the website updates via the blog page. When you click on the blog link, you will be redirected into an outer page, but still under coinkite.com.

Final Thought

Coinkite is the most advanced web wallet system in the whole world, which offers many transaction options of the Bitcoins. It allows you to make your transactions from whichever location you are in. However, your country must appear in the payment terminal listing in order for you to make your transaction. It is a system worth trying given the free membership starter level. You will also be able to see all your transactions online on your created page. No hackers can access your account, so you can be sure of your transactions being safe and private.

Coinkite, 8.9 out of 10 based on 177 ratings

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