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What is localbitcoins?

When buying or selling, trading, or making other transactions, localbitcoins is your online virtual market for all things bitcoins. It makes the process move quickly and seamlessly; there are no paper trails, long application process, and you do not have to wait several days for the funds to hit your account. A simple online transaction allows you to have the funds in your account in no time, or make a profit when trading with other locals in your area.

  • Allows you to trade in thousands of cities and countries, including the US.
  • Instant transfers, take no time at all to receive your online currencies.
  • You can buy and sell, and you simply choose your location before making the transaction.
  • You can find local exchangers in your area, and make a profit on trades.


In order to buy, sell, or send bitcoins, you are going to use your online localbitcoins wallet. Upon opening your wallet, you simply select the transaction type, and where you want to send the bitcoins to. All services are compatible with one another when using the site for transactions. Simply select the page address to which you want to send or sell, and the account will be deducted in no time.

Online security

Using localbitcoins as your virtual marketplace is a secure option for traders, buyers, and bitcoin sellers. There is a three step verification process prior to your account transaction takes place. This means you will have to enter a verification number prior to the account being withdrawn, or prior to funds being added to the account. Regardless of which address you are sending funds to, how much the transaction is valued at, or how secure the transaction may seem, prior to it going through on localbitcoins, you will have to verify the account at three different locations for your online security.

Simple to use dashboard

The online dashboard on your localbitcoins account page, allows you to see exactly what is taking place. If you have made a purchase, the seller will generally release the funds upon receipt of verification, and the account should automatically be credited. If you want to check how much you have available, or want to make another transaction, you can quickly and easily toggle through the dashboard, to perform the transaction of choice, which will take a matter of seconds for you to complete. The beauty of the online virtual world is there is no paper trial, and it will not take too long for accounts to be verified. If you want online currency or need a quick transaction process, your homepage dashboard is where to turn for quick processing, and to check for updates that have been made to your account.

Online forum

Another great feature of the localbitcoins site, is the online forum. If you are a buyer, seller, or trader, you can visit the forum to find other locals in your area, to buy, sell, and trade with. Further, you can read common post questions in the forum, you can find issues that have recently been resolved, and you can find answers to some of the most common questions that you would have as a trader, buyer, or seller on the site. Regardless of what you are looking for, what information is relevant to you, or what you want to find out about the bitcoin online currency, you will find the forum posts at the localbitcoins site, is a quick and easy way to find relevant information, new posts, and new information to your account online.

Final thoughts

If you use online currencies often, a virtual bitcoin buy, sell, and transfer site is the easiest way to go about these transactions. Not only is it quicker than traditional applications, it is also more secure, and easier to verify. With localbitcoins, you have the benefit of being able to see other locals in your area, making the transaction easier, and quicker. And, with additional security features in place, including the online three step verification code, you know your credit cards and cash payments are safe, and you also know the purchases you make are going to be directly applied to your account, and not erroneously added to someone else’s account.

LocalBitcoins, 9.6 out of 10 based on 325 ratings

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